Autoztool: An automatic inline decompression tool

DisOrder: play digital audio files

Greed: Emacs-based GROGGS Client

Lyle: photo gallery CGI script

Mandy: Mandelbrot set plotter

NNTP Tools: gateway Dreamwidth articles into a newsgroup

nps: ps/top reimplementation

patternize: string generator

rsbackup: An rsync-based backup system

SFTP Server: The Green End SFTP Server

Adverbio: I/O redirection with adverbial commands

Elliptic Curve Toy: Plot elliptic curves and find collinear points

Hacks: things that don't fit anywhere else

Index preview: Add rudimentary image previewing to Apache directory listings

inews: program to post news articles

Inplace: Modify files in-place via any filter

Lusers: A program to list logged-on users

numberToEnglish: Convert integers to English in Javascript

Mac OS X Ports: Notes and diffs

RC4: Visualize RC4 internal state

rjkshelltools: various UNIX utility programs

sccs.cgi: web interface to SCCS

text-tools: text rendering tools

Webindex: A Perl program for generating HTML contents pages

Wiktionary Links: Generate links to Wiktionary

with-readline: use readline with arbitrary programs without recompiling

AUTHINFO GENERIC: NNTP AUTHINFO GENERIC support in various newsreaders

VCS: Wrapper for version control systems

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