Trial Of The Century: Implausibly early trials of the century

Strange Games: self-referential games people play

Ancient Germanic Languages: Ramblings about old Germanic languages.

Is This The Way The Future's Meant To Feel?: Glastonbury 2003

A brief history of history of the domain

The Only Intuitive Interface Is The Nipple: Looking for the origin of a quote

Linux In A Small box: Notes on bringing up Linux on a tiny PC

CRC32: notes on CRCs

Why does gnome-panel use 290MB?: It doesn't; it's an artefact of the way its shared libraries are linked.

Gigabyte GA-7VT600L and Debian Linux: upgrade notes

NAT is not a security mechanism: Demonstration of packets traversing a NATing router the ‘wrong’ way

Starcraft And Wine: Problems and solutions


How fork(2) ought to be: A description of some problems with the UNIX process handling model, and a proposed solution.

poll() and EOF: What does poll() do when end of file is detected? What should it do?

Protecting Against Some Buffer-Overrun Attacks: A description of how buffer-overrun attacks (a common security hole) work, and some thoughts on what to do about them


IPsec: IPsec on my local network

Orbit URLs: Links to various sites dealing with orbits

Sarcasm Locale: A proposed new locale

Zen Hotdogs: Description and list of Zen Hotdogs

SFTP Implementations: List of SFTP Implementations

SFTP Versions: SFTP Version Summary

Background SSH Forwarding: Automating SSH tunneling on Unix and Windows

C Language Gotchas: A description of some easy-to-make mistakes in C

HTTP Cookies: Notes On HTTP Cookies

Inline Functions In C: Notes on GCC and standard C inline functions

hdc: lost interrupt: A note about an error message from Linux

Mac Howtos: How to do it on a Mac

mkfs: Not enough space: A note about an error message from mkfs

MRTG, SNMP and Load Averages: Monitoring the load average over SNMP with MRTG

UNIX File Permissions: A summary of UNIX file permission rules

putenv() and setenv(): Notes Modifying The Environment

Regexp Syntax Summary: Summary of various different regexp syntaxes

SAUCE Policy For Hosted Mail Domains: How to change the SAUCE policy for addresses in and

Ensoniq Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI128: A note about the Soundblaster 128 sound card

Shell Mistakes: Notes on programming in Bourne Shell

SMTP reply codes: A summary of SMTP reply codes

Using Squid With NTL: How I configured my Squid web proxy to play nicely with NTL

Traffic shaping: Improving performance using Linux traffic shaping

Creating System Users And Groups: ...on various UNIX platforms

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