The Green End Organisation

The Green End Organisation is:

There is no conspiracy and the following people are definitely not part of it:

Peter Benie
Austin Donnelly
Owen Dunn
Stephen Early

Richard Kettlewell
Dickon Reed
Christi Alice Scarborough

Further sinister goings-on include:

chiark, a sinister cabal
SAUCE, userv and adns
PuTTY, a free telnet and SSH client
Flexible VPN software
DisOrder, a software jukebox
The greenend.* usenet hierarchy

A very sinister registry of BCP5 network numbers
Pete the Carnivorous Plant
The UK cryptography policy discussion group
SGO Software mailing lists

Milton Brewery has a very blue website. You can buy their beer at The Coalheavers Arms in Peterborough, The Oakdale Arms in Harringay, London, and The Pembury Tavern in Hackney, amongst other places.

Technical and administrative contacts

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