Stephen Early

I'm a Director of a small pub company. Our pubs:


There are very few pictures of me available.

I play games like Die Siedler von Catan, Carcassonne and Illuminati, with anybody who happens to be around at the time. Cheapass games are usually quite fun, and I was recently introduced to games played with Icehouse pieces (particularly Zendo) by a friend.

I used to spend quite a bit of time playing Puzzle Pirates, but I'm far too busy for that these days!


I'm the administrator of the UKcrypto mailing list.

I spent far too long writing VPN software. This is a long time ago now!

If I wasn't far too busy running the pub company, I'd be at London Hackspace.

Contact information

The Sinister Greenend Organisation knows where to find me.

Mail should be sent to If you ever send mail to then further mail from you will be rejected as an anti-spam measure.

My telephone number is 07715 422132.