rsbackup-snapshot-hook - rsync-based backup utility

       rsbackup-snapshot-hook [OPTIONS]

       rsbackup-snapshot-hook  creates  and removes LVM snapshots when config-
       ured as a pre- or post-volume-hook for rsbackup(1).

       Snapshots will only be created for volumes that  have  a  corresponding
       directory  in the snapshot directory.  For instance, a snapshot will be
       created for the volume root if /var/lib/rsbackup/snapshots/root exists.
       (Use  the  --snaps option to change the snapshot directory.)  Such vol-
       umes must be stored in a logical volume.

       Leftover snapshots are always unmounted and removed before creation.

       Snapshots are given only a fraction of the size of the original volume.
       Use the --divisor to change this.

       After creation snapshots are fsck'd and mounted.  If an error occurs in
       any part of the creation process, the partially snapshot created  snap-
       shot  may  be left in place (and ultimately be torn down when the post-
       volume-hook is run).

       --snaps, -s PATH
              Set  the  path  to  the  snapshot  directory.   The  default  is

       --divisor, -d DIVISOR
              Set the snapshot size ratio.  The default is 5.

       --help, -h
              Display usage message.

       --version, -V
              Display version string.

       rsbackup(1), lvm(8)

       Richard Kettlewell <>