I own the copyright of most of the works under Where no other license is specified, the license on this page applies. Some pages state the license of a piece of software (usually GPL); this doesn't count as a license for the page as well.

The following things are permitted:

  1. Normal web browsing (e.g. copying from the web server into the web browser and onto the user's screen);
  2. Caching that is part of web browsing (e.g. by a proxy cache or a caching web browser);
  3. Caching within a search engine that anyone can use (e.g. as done by Google);
  4. Small-scale private hard copy (e.g. printing out a web page for off-line reading);
  5. Quoting small fragments;
  6. Hyperlinking in a way that doesn't give the appearance of including my work into another work.

Anything not listed above is not permitted.

Inclusion into another web site or similar by copying, a frame, image inclusion or similar, is specifically not permitted.

If you want to do anything else, or think that the conditions above prevent you from doing something reasonable, please mail me.

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