This is the home page of the greenend.* usenet hierarchy. This is a private hierarchy of the Green End Organization. It is now carried by three sites.

1. Can I Become A greenend.* User?

If you have access to a news server that carries greenend.*, you should be able to read and post.

2. Can I Become A greenend.* Site?

Membership is open to SGO VPN sites (and possibly some others). I suggest you post a request for peers to greenend.config on some existing greenend.* site (e.g. chiark). Alternatively mail

3. What Newsgroups Are There?


Announcements potentially of interest to readers of greenend.*


Discussion regarding the structure and infrastructure of greenend.*


Miscellaneous discussion among the readers of greenend.*


Discussion relating to the SGO VPN.


Commit messages automatically generated from version control system history.


This is used in some places for the output of cron jobs, etc.


Test postings.

4. What Are The Hierarchy Rules?

  1. No crossposting outside of greenend.*.
  2. No binaries.

5. How About A Checkgroups Message?


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