VCS Change History

Changes in VCS 1

Changes to Bazaar support

vcs remove --force updated to work with Bazaar 2.7, which removes the --force option.

Changes to Git support

vcs revert updated to work with new versions of Git, which change the format of git status.

Changes to Subversion support

All commands updated to encode filenames so that they aren’t mis-recognized as containing peg revisions.

status output is now sorted, providing a more stable interface than Subversion does.

Changes in VCS 0.8

New Backends

RCS and SCCS are now supported (with some limitations).

CVS Support

vcs diff now asks for cvs diff -Nu.

Git Support

vcs show should work properly now.

Changes in VCS 0.7


There is a new vcs rename command, which renames files under version control. This works with all the version control systems except CVS.

There is a new vcs show command, which shows the diff for an existing commit. You can use vcs diff -c to get the same effect. This works with all the version control systems except CVS and Darcs.

Bugs Fixed

ID Description
#3 'vcs status' should distinguish files in need of 'p4 resolve'
#4 vcs stat should distinguish edited but unmodified files
#5 Please add --without-werror option to configure
#6 iconv portability
#7 Does not detect libiconv on cygwin
#9 could we have vcs rename?
#10 'vcs revert FILENAME' does not work with git
#11 vcs diff should emulate -N for p4
#12 Show historical changes
(none) Awkward filenames (e.g. starting with -) are more reliably handled.
(none) vcs -n ... never invokes a pager.

Changes in VCS 0.6


Expat is now required to build vcs.

Detection of cURL is now improved, making it possible to build under OS X without using Fink.

If you quit a pager (configured with VCS_PAGER for instance) before some slow underlying command has finished executing, vcs should now exit immediately rather than waiting for the subprocess to complete.

Changes to Perforce support

Filenames containing @, %, # and * should now be properly encoded and decoded.

If you try to vcs add a directory to Perforce, it will be silently ignored.

vcs status now shows files opened for delete and supports “incomplete” client views (i.e. which don't cover every possible filename below the client root) properly.

vcs commit should now work for all four combinations of a message being present or not and a list of files being present or not (issue #2).

Changes to Bazaar support

vcs up will invoke bzr up in a bound branch (created with bzr checkout) and bzr pull in any other branch.

Changes to Subversion support

vcs revert now supports Subversion back to 1.3 (previously it would misparse output from 1.3 and 1.4). A possible hang was also removed.

Changes to Git support

Improved support for older versions of Git and fixed vcs status.

Changes to Darcs support

Tests now set $EMAIL to avoid a interaction (or a hang!)

Changes to Mercurial support

vcs clone now recognises the static-http: scheme.

Improved support for older versions.

Changes to CVS support

Cope better with conflicts.

Changes in VCS 0.5

New environment variables VCS_PAGER and VCS_DIFF_PAGER allow you to feed log and diff output through colorizers and into pagers automatically. See the man page for details.

Changes to Perforce support

Perforce support is now more self-consistent. In particular vcs diff and vcs commit now have a default of ..., applying them to just the current directory and its children rather than the whole workspace.

vcs status now produces much more useful output for Perforce, and honours .vcsignore files.

Changes in VCS 0.4

New version control systems supported:

New commands:

VCS now depends on cURL.

Fix a bug where the detection of the underlying version control system could go into an infinite loop.

Changes in VCS 0.3

Git is now supported.

VCS now includes a simple test suite.

Changes in VCS 0.2

New commands:

Other sources of change information: