SAUCE Policy For Hosted Mail Domains

This page describes how to set the SAUCE policy for addresses at and Everything is described in terms of; the details for addresses are the same except that you should read “terraraq” wherever you see “greenend” below.

First you should decide what policy you want. See /usr/share/doc/sauce/POLICY-CONFIG.text for details. The default policy is “lax”, so if that's what you want, you don't have to do anything.

Next, create a file that describes this policy. Again, the exact syntax is described in the file above. If you want to set the normal (i.e. strict) policy, you might put the following in a file:

* * * normal

Don't forget the “.” on the final line. To actually configure the policy, use a command like this:

userv richard set-greenend-sauce-policy rjk < POLICY

...replacing "rjk" with the local part you want to affect, and POLICY with the name of the file you created.

If you have multiple addresses, you must issue a separate command for each one; it might be sensible to put them in a script to save typing. But you don't have to use different policy files (unless you want to). You can see the set of addresses that you control the policy for in ~richard/greenend-mail/delegate_greenend.

Once you have configured a policy as above, it's not necessary to keep the policy file around; SAUCE will remember it automatically (in its own format - you can't directly get the original policy file back). However if you're likely to change the policy or apply it to new addresses, you should keep a permanent copy.

As an alternative you can do the whole thing in one go without a file. For instance here's how I configured the “postmaster” alias to have an “unchecked” policy, with the parts I typed in bold:

chiark$ userv richard set-greenend-sauce-policy postmaster
INFO: executing sauce-setuserpolicy :greenend:postmaster -
* * * unchecked
ok - new SAUCE policy richard:greenend:postmaster installed

Again, don't forget the final “.”.

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