Moving House


This is the front view of the house, with the edges marked out in yellow. The white door isn't the front door - it's just a utilities cupboard. The front door is just around to its right.

Living Room

Views of the living room before we'd done much unpacking. You can see the dining area on the side of the photos, with a pillar at three corners.

My computer was near the kitchen door so that it could reach a phone line, before we got the cable modem installed.

More views of the living room. We got the stereo set up fairly early. The penguin moved around quite a bit...

Clockwise from right: Eleanor, Duncan's head, Janet, Sion. They helped us put most of our books away...

The fiction is now all shelved, but non-fiction remains.

Some of our computers live downstairs. At the extreme left is curator, the firewall; on top of it is the cable modem. In the tower case is sfere, with the hub on top; you can see a couple of ethernet cables leading upstairs. The monitor to the right is shared between the two machines; currently they each have their own keyboard.

It was about a month after we moved in before we got the dining table delivered. We put in a table for the downstairs computers, too.


IIRC the washing machine wasn't fully plumbed in at this point, and we didn't have a cooker. We did have a microwave and a deep fat fryer, though.

Computer Room

Before it was a computer room.

Once we'd got it set up. On the left is my computer, on the right, Eleanor's.

Eleanor at work. The duckling was too unstable on top of the monitor, and so moved to the speaker...

Spare Room

Initially this was used largely for storage...

...but it's a bit tidier now, and has gained a futon.


Moving Out

Since we took our fridge with us, Ian and Andrew had to get a new one ... as before the door was the wrong way round. After switching it we discovered that the new fridge was wonky! It took nearly a week to get it replaced.


Sometimes next door's cat takes a look inside.

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