Changes to rjk-nntp-tools

Changes in version 28

New program, news-sources, for graphically representing the share of news sent by each peer.

Changes in version 0.27

In the Debian package, spoolstats runs as user news by default now. This can be changed by editing /etc/default/spoolstats.

Changes in version 0.26

Less warnings from spoolstats.

Changes in version 0.25

New user-agent table entries for spoolstats.

Changes in version 0.24

Trivial fixes plus a new tool, find-unhistorical, to find articles in an INN news spool that aren’t in the history.

Changes in version 0.23


Changes in version 0.22

bzr2news and git2news




Changes in version 0.21

git2news now supports using non-default branches. For instance you can write:

git2news -n example.commits rjk-nntp-tools rjk-nntp-tools:release

…to publish commits from both the default (master) and release branches.