Sarcasm Locale

#chiark were bored, and someone suggested a sarcasm locale. So:

<Emperor> ENODEV: buy the upgrade, luser
<Emperor> ENOEXEC: you want me to run *what*?
<Emperor> ENOTDIR: What kind of a directory did you think that was?
<Emperor> ENOTTY: not a computer
<Emperor> EPERM: get a haircut
<Senji> ENOTTY: I can't type on that
<Senji> EAGAIN: Ooo, that tickles!
<Emperor> EROFS: which part of "read only" don't you understand?
<mormegil> EPIPE: no smoking.
<rjk> EPIPE: user is smoking crack
<Emperor> ESRCH: I'll fetch the blood-hounds
<Emperor> EIO: were you born in a barn?
<fanf> ECHILD Think of the children!
<Emperor> EPIPE: fetch a plumber
<mormegil> EDOM: kneel, worm!
<fanf> Old macdonald had a farm, EIO EIO EIO
<Senji> ECHILD: Contraception used.
<Senji> ENAMETOOLONG: User asleep on keyboard
<fanf> home, home on ERANGE
<mormegil> EINPROGRESS: yeah yeah, I'm on it already!
<Senji> EBADFD: You did what?
<Emperor> ENOSYS: buy the upgrade!
<Emperor> ENOTEMPTY: get rid of the baby first
<fanf> EUSERS fuck off i'm busy
<Muppet> ENOSYS: I only have brothers.
<mormegil> ENOLCK: door crowbarred.
<Senji> EHOSTDOWN: Did you pay the power bill?
<Senji> ENOMEDIUM: Afterlife unavailable
<Emperor> EXDEV: This device is no more...
<Diziet> EWOULDBLK: Need an axe
<rjk> ESTALE: get a real filesystem

(Actually most of these are just insulting rather than sarcastic, but the name seems to have stuck...)

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