Richard Kettlewell

Here is a picture of me. Many people who have put pictures of themselves on the web, and - of those that I have met in person - none of them resemble their photos in the slightest. I am proud to uphold this tradition.



You can mail me at home at or These two addresses are equivalent.


Fingerprint Public key block Purpose
9006 B0ED 710D B81B 76D3 68D9 D338 8BA1 8A74 1BEF 8A741BEF.asc Day-to-day usage. Send encrypted mail to this and expect to see signatures under it.
A4C9 A8F8 C1FE 5C3C 2FA3 CA86 86AD FD1A 5A95 60F1 5A9560F1.asc Admin login. Expect to see occasional signatures under this. Send encrypted messages to it if you like but it's less convenient for me to read them. The key is marginally better protected.
Your key id :


If you think you need to know my street address or phone number, send me email.

Other Sites


(This section moved here 'cos it doesn't fit anywhere else...)

The junk subdirectory contains temporary stuff that might evaporate at any moment. If I move things from it to a more permanent location I usually leave a redirect behind. I also have a web page on colon, but there's nothing there of any interest.

If you can see a problem with this web page (broken links, bad HTML, stupidity, ...), please let me know by email to

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