Strange Games People Play

For my own reference, but if other people find it useful...

The Game

If you know the rules you're playing; you can't win you can only break even lose; you lose by thinking about the game, at which point you must tell another player. There is a 30m grace period for all players.

A Meta-Game

Each time you cause a player of The Game to lose it, you get one point; if you cause someone to say something that causes someone to lose The Game you get two points.

It is allowed, but might be considered unsporting, to do this deliberately. It is not allowed to refer to The Game directly.

Invented by Peter Maydell.


<rejs> The number P is the number of minutes each month you spend thinking about the number P. The aim is to keep it as low as possible.

Open Question

I'm sure there are other odd little self-referential games like these ones. Is there a name for the general class of such things?

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