This is a CGI script used for displaying collections of digital photos, e.g. these ones.


The latest version is lyle-0.9.tar.gz.

Please see the contained README for installation instructions, even if you are upgrading from a previous version. It is recommended that you clean out your cache directory when upgrading.


You will need:

On Debian you should be able to ask for these as follows:

$ apt-get install libjpeg-progs jhead perlmagick


Announcements of new versions will be sent to sgo-software-announce. You can discuss this software on sgo-software-discuss.

There is a wiki page for the wishlist. This is currently read only however, so use the mailing list above instead.


Changes in 0.9

Lyle no longer discards color profiles embedded in JPEGs. This prevented profile-aware browsers such as Safari from correctly display on non-sRGB displays. Non-profile-aware browsers are still stuffed on non-sRGB displays (or with non-sRGB images, but you didn't want to put those on the web anyway).

Lyle has been updated to work with the PerlMagick from Debian etch.

Changes in 0.8

New @autodirs lets you automatically include directories without having to update configuration file.

Changes in 0.7

Renamed to "Lyle" as there is already a program called "Gallery" with similar functionality. The executable scripts are therefore renamed:

Obviously you don't have to install it under the new name if that's inconvenient.

Renamed some variables for greater consistency:

.gallery.conf has been renamed to .lyle.conf.


Lyle is near-abandoned but can be found on Github.

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