Greed is an Emacs Lisp client for GROGGS. It was originally written by Gareth Rees, and has undergone meddling by various hands since then.

Note: I don't use GROGGS any more, so I do not maintain this software. Let me know if you want to take it over.


You will need Emacs installed. GNU Emacs and XEmacs should both work. If you have a choice between a MULE and a non-MULE version, you should use the MULE version.

Very old versions of Emacs may not work.

Aquamacs is not currently supported.


greed-1.4.4.tar.gz contains the source code. You can either install it system-wide or just in your home directory. See the README for instructions.

groggs-greed_1.4.4_all.deb should be suitable for Debian and Ubuntu systems.

(The odd package name is because someone else grabbed “greed” for their package name despite being informed that it was in use already.)

Recent History

Greed 1.4.4

Greed 1.4.3

Greed 1.4.2


GREED exists on github.

Other Versions

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